Review: Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit

In school we are taught about history very much with the perspective of hindsight. Our collective memory is conveniently broken down into broad but neat bundles of time. Dynasties, monarchies, philosophies, discoveries… all labelled with their own “-ism” to aid sleepy school-age memories and tidy academic references. Handy for revision this may be, but perhaps […]

On plastic pebbles, micro pollution and going zero waste

Plastic is hard to recycle, does not decompose and is energy-intensive to produce. Why, then, is it the main material used for disposable packaging and other single-use purposes? This week’s Snippets post was inspired by a rather eye-opening experience I recently had whilst volunteering for London-based water charity Thames21. As part of a community initiative […]

Why We All Need To Be Polymaths

Leonardo da Vinci

Polymath (n.) ˈpɒlɪmaθ | A person of great and varied learning Throughout school and university, I worked a variety of summer jobs, from NHS admin work, to teaching, to legal work experience, and even the territorial army. I didn’t know what I wanted to do but I was willing to try lots of different things. Now I […]