about me

this is me !Well hello there, I’m Katie K! I started this blog as part of a 2017 New Year’s resolution to halt the ossification of my brain via cat videos and mindless twitter scrolling. I think its working.

I like to run and hike and camp in the wilderness. Over the years my little adventures have made me acutely aware of the beauty of our planet, and also how our current way of living is destroying it. I think humankind has forgotten we are part of nature, not its overlord. On impending ecological disaster, we have all stuck our heads in the sand.

I think there is a better way to write about the environmental challenges we all together face, than the dreary facts, figures and conflicting scientific conclusions published in the media. The way I see it, climate change isn’t just about science, its a problem to do with economics, psychology, politics as well as the structure of modern society itself. I hope that my writings here will join part of the wider conversation on how a better world is possible.

Some more unessential details about me:

  • British and brown. Slave descendent. Not a fan of the Empire and all that *Make Britain Great Again* crap.
  • Based in London but hopefully not for long. Heart belongs in the mountains.
  • Formerly a sleep-deprived employee in the City. Now work for a very special charity campaigning for responsible investment.
  • Still can’t drive. Hanging on for the demise of the internal combustion engine.
  • More running shoes & clothes than muggle shoes & clothes. I run a lot 🙂
  • Vegetarian and transitioning vegan. Not missing bacon or cheese but still working on pastry!

That’s it for now… enjoy the blog and talk to me in the comments ! 😀