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Welcome to Motley Wonder: This is Me !


Motley Wonder: New Millennial Blog

I’m Katie, a 25 year old Londoner, three years into a financial services career in the City. The day job takes place on the thrilling trading floor of a global investment bank. It is fascinating, but also often leaves me wondering about the state of our economy and society today. Beyond work I am an avid reader of everything and anything (including my little sister’s teen fiction, vastly under-rated if you were wondering). I’ve also just got to that point in my twenties when I realise how much I enjoy learning, and how I wish I had done a lot more of it at university!


I decided to start this blog to fill a bit of a creative void in my life at the moment and to give myself the space to reflect upon and shape the many thoughts that buzz around in my head all day. Financial markets, sustainable growth, consumerism, the world of work and mental wellbeing are all themes I’m especially interested in exploring out on here.


More broadly, I love to learn about political economy, philosophy, history, sustainable living, minimalism, social policy, organisational behaviour and mindfulness – and I hope to share some of the more unique insights I stumble across on this blog too.


The other great love of my life is running. I am in the midst of re-training to become an 800m athlete and I have high hopes of competing at a decent level one day. So I also spend a lot of time in trainers and lifting heavy stuff at the gym (daily dose of badass, we all need it!).


So, in a nutshell, this is me and this is the blog – welcome to Motley Wonder!