Plasticity and the Social Brain

Kill or Cure by Amanda Doidge

Last weekend I went to see my good friend Ben Dalton‘s exhibition at Kings College London: Narrating Plasticity: Stories of Transformation between the Plastic Arts and Neurosciences. The exhibition was the result of a collaborative project exploring the different ways that French philosophy, neuroscience and ceramics think about the concept of plasticity. Sounds barmy, but […]

Going Solo

wild camping solo

If you read my last post you’ll know that I’ve been getting into the Wild Camping thing this year. I’ve gone on a few UK trips with my siblings, I’ve trekked and camped along Norwegian fjords with friends, and I’ve met new pals sleeping under the stars as part of the Adventure Queens Autumn Equinox […]

Week 2: Plastic-Free Cleaning & The Circular Economy

plastic free cleaning

Some plastic-free household goodies! The pills are toothpaste btw, not what you were thinking… I am now just over halfway through my month-long challenge to give up single-use plastics this June. I can’t believe how quickly it has gone, and more excitingly, how many solutions I’ve discovered that really do make a plastic-free lifestyle very possible. […]

Review: Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit

In school we are taught about history very much with the perspective of hindsight. Our collective memory is conveniently broken down into broad but neat bundles of time. Dynasties, monarchies, philosophies, discoveries… all labelled with their own “-ism” to aid sleepy school-age memories and tidy academic references. Handy for revision this may be, but perhaps […]